“Can you help my child?”

I’ve been asked this quite a number of times. The honest answer is I don’t know. I can tell you I assume I can because of the things I have seen. My faith in specific chiropractic is rock solid. The science and philosophy of it made sense to me the first time I heard it but words and diagrams only get you so far. You have to experience things to truly believe in them. Someone can explain gravity, you can remember 9.8 m/s as the speed of gravity, you can even drop something and watch it fall to the ground but until the first time you fall and it hurts you don’t truly understand gravity.

When I first started in practice my first group of patients were autistic children. I believed I could help but until I saw the incredible results it wasn’t part of my foundation.

I want to share a few stories with you that will give you an insight into why when asked “can you help my child”, I’m thinking I bet I can.

A 2 year old little guy was brought to me with toe walking. He was able to walk but his right foot he had pointed straight down and basically walked on his toes like a ballerina. The doctors told his parents it would take extensive rehabilitation and exercises to “teach” him to walk normally. I asked a few questions about his birth (it had been fairly traumatic and it was a difficult trip into the world) and examined him. I found one simple problem. The top bone in his neck was misaligned slightly. I corrected the misalignment and sent them on their way for the day. I didn’t suggest rehab exercises etc. I simply corrected what I found that was structurally wrong and that was it. I told the parents to bring him back in a week and we would see where we were.

They brought him back the following week and this is what they told me. “When we first got home we didn’t notice a difference but he took a nap and when he got up he started walking around and we realized he was walking normally on BOTH FEET. He has been walking that way ever since.” I am happy to report his issue didn’t come back.

I had a 3 year old come in with terrible eczema. He had weeping sores all over his little face. It had been this way for about 6 months. They had tried multiple medications, creams, etc. All with little to no result. Again, I examined him and found the top bone in his neck misaligned. I corrected it and told them to come back in a week. I didn’t have to wait a week to find out how it was going. Two days later the mother called the office almost shouting. The night of the adjustment she said his face basically exploded and stuff was pouring out of the sores and she just sat with him most of the night wiping his little face. The following day they all dried up. By the next day they were healing up and doing great. I saw him a week after the first appointment and you couldn’t tell he had ever had a problem. Once again the issue never returned.

I’ll save us both some time and establish a few things you have probably already picked up on and then I’ll give you a few more quick examples.
I evaluate the upper neck in almost all cases as that is usually where the problem stems from and the area that needs corrected. Regardless of the chief complaint this is where I start. I do this by xray when they are a little older and by feel when they are very little ones. The adjustment is extremely gentle and involves no twisting or cranking of the neck. They don’t really even feel it. In the large majority of cases I tell the parents to bring them back in in a week and reevaluate. Children generally need very few initial visits then a few follow ups here and there.

Now that we have established the ground rules here are a few more examples. Believe them or not that’s your decision but gravity is gravity my friends. I lived it, I believe it and you better believe the parents believe it.

4 year old autistic boy unable to speak in full sentences, still in a diaper, couldn’t eat solid food. 2 months later he was potty trained. Spoke any sentence he wanted, and could eat whatever he wanted.

3 months old with severe respiratory distress and on oxygen. 1 adjustment and she was out of the hospital and home and healthy the next day.

Lactose intolerant from birth. 2 weeks later came in eating ice cream and feeling great.

Young lady unable to use her left arm following brain surgery (the surgery was 2 years prior). 1 month later she was tying her shoes with both hands.

13 year old with severe depression, horrific health all the way around. Headaches, pain, digestive issues, severe menstrual issues and she cut herself. In 3 months she was coming to dinner with the doc and wouldn’t shut up about how much her life had changed. She was smiling ear to ear, felt great, and for the first time in a long time envisioned growing up and having a great life.

I could go on and I’ll share more later, but I think you get the idea. People can tell me chiropractic is for back pain, that it is for older people, that it doesn’t really work etc and I’ll just smile and nod. I know what I know and nothing can shake that faith. The apple fell on my head many years ago.



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