Why Would Babies/Kids Need A Chiropractor?

I get asked this question frequently. “Babies don’t have bad backs why would they need a chiropractor?” “How do I know if their back hurts?” and many others.

Let’s go back to the beginning and I’ll ask a question in return. Most any woman that’s had a baby knows it’s not exactly a beautiful gentle process. It’s a big baby being squished through a small space. That generally requires a bit of pulling and tugging to get the baby out. A c-section is even more pressure.

Have you noticed how babies can’t hold their head up when they are first born? That’s because the neck muscles don’t develop in the womb. These same muscles that aren’t strong enough to hold up the head also aren’t strong enough to protect the neck against the events of birth.

The majority of the time one (or both) of the top bones of the neck get misaligned slightly during the process. Two medical doctors from Europe have researched this topic extensively. Between the two they have studied over 1,000 newborns and found that 80% had upper neck misalignments. Birth trauma was the most common cause.

Gutmann published research linking these misalignments to problems ranging from scoliosis to ear infections, torticollis, colic, and many other common childhood conditions.

How can a neck issue contribute to all these conditions?

It comes from several directions. The upper neck is a transition area from the brainstem to the spinal cord. The brainstem is the lower portion of the brain and is responsible for an incredible number of important functions in our body. Things like respiration, heart rate, and blood pressure. Pretty important stuff right? The lower portion of the brainstem extends down through the top bone in the neck and slightly into the second. When one of these bones misaligns it can cause a bit of a misfiring of these systems. Often the amount of blood flowing to the brain and back to the body can be altered.

If the brainstem and nerves aren’t functioning at 100% it’s impossible for the body to function at 100%. It’s that simple. That simple fact is why ALL babies and children should be checked for a spinal misalignment.

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