What can we learn from rotten teeth?

How many of you would consider never taking your children to the dentist?

Most everyone answers NO WAY.

Why not?

Because they will get cavities and their teeth will rot.

We can all agree on that one I think. You brush your teeth daily and a few times a year we go to the dentist and get our teeth cleaned and checked for cavities.

Let’s say you did fail to take care of your child’s teeth, they got cavities, and all their teeth fell out. What next? You start a liquid diet, look for some dentures, and wait for their adult teeth to grow in right?

Even though it is not an ideal situation they are alive and well except for some missing teeth.

Now, imagine their spine rots away and ceases to work properly. What happens then?

Do they do spine replacements or do you get an adult spine that grows in?


A spinal misalignment can lead to spinal degeneration and contribute to a number of health problems.
If taking your children to the dentist for their teeth seems like common sense doesn’t it stand to reason that you should take them to the chiropractor to have their spine checked?

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