Chiropractic And Autism

How in the world can chiropractic help with autism? It sounds crazy right? Well, hear me out.

When I was opening my first practice I researched local groups to find places to speak. I of course, wanted to “get the word out” about my practice but also share information about chiropractic. I found several area Autism support groups. I heard so many testimonials from other docs and their patients and the science behind why it could help began to make sense. So, off I went to speak to the groups.

A little bit to my surprise when I finished my talk a large number of parents came up front and requested appointments for their children. I thought I must have really knocked it out of the park on that talk. I was feeling really good about myself. After I got to know them I realized maybe I wasn’t as great as I thought. What I realized was these parents were desperately trying to get help. I saw what they saw. A shining light in the kids eyes that was struggling to get out.

Armed with faith and an understanding of how to analyze and correct spines they began to come in. I found a bone out of alignment in the upper neck and I adjusted. At that point my job is done. It’s up to the incredible healing power of the body at that point. Day by day after I had parents come in the door with huge smiles as they told me of various improvements. Better grades, better behavior, reduction in allergies, improved speech, and so much more. The power of chiropractic proved itself over and over.

How is this possible? First of all, I’m not claiming chiropractic is a cure for Autism. What I will tell you is I have seen some amazing results. How it happens is actually pretty simple. Autism is for the most part a processing disorder. Brain signals get a bit jumbled and aren’t able to communicate properly this can lead to developmental delays and other issues. The brainstem (the lower portion of the brain) extends slightly into the upper neck and is involved in this communication. If one of the top 2 bones is misaligned it can cause the brainstem to malfunction.

This makes it difficult for the complex system of the brain and brainstem to function properly.

As I discussed in a previous post the birth process is a very common cause of upper neck issues and the many falls toddlers generally experience when learning to walk.

If this misalignment is corrected the brainstem can begin to function normally. This is the point at which we have seen some incredible results in Autism cases.

I can’t promise you a miracle but I can tell you it is worth a try.

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