Often after people are educated and understand why little ones need chiropractic, a new issue arises. The actual adjustment is a major concern for most parents. They picture a big twist and pop of a little neck. In reality (at least in my office) the adjustment for adults is very gentle and precise and it is the same or even less for kids. For babies it is an extremely light touch that they won’t even feel. In all cases the adjustment doesn’t involve any twisting or jerking of the neck.

Let’s take the top bone in the neck for example. It weighs less than an ounce. When realigned specifically it takes almost no force whatsoever. With about the amount of pressure you would use to push on your eyeball you can place the bone back where it belongs.

"They wiggle around so much how can you get them to lay still long enough". The adjustment takes about a second or less. They can drink a bottle, play with a toy, sit on mom's lap or lay on her chest. It doesn't require their full cooperation and attention. Distract them with something shiny (or a nap lol) and we are good to go.

I have adjusted a 3 day old, cases with severe torticollis, seizures, wheel chairs etc.

It is easy, simple, and pain free.

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